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In today’s highly competitive Shipping Industry, two factors can determine the success of a Shipping Operation:  first, Crew Efficiency, and second, Cost-Effectiveness.

The quality of the Crew a Principal employs to operate the vessel could make or break their shipping venture.  No matter how modern the design of the vessel is or well equipped with State-of-the-Art instrument, without Technically competent, Responsible and Certified SEAMEN to run the ship, all that modern technology would go to waste.  A PRINCIPAL needs personnel who can operate the vessel to maximum advantage.

The cost of operating a ship has escalated in recent year.   Unfortunately, Charter and Freight rates had not risen sufficiently to make up for higher ship operating cost, labor costs, in particular, are constantly on the rise.  They need efficient and qualified manpower at salary rates commensurate to their operating budget.

Equally important in the concept of ship operation is the quality and technical capability of the crew.  With the rapid and continuous improvement in the modernization of ship’s equipment and revisions of Maritime Law and Regulation, Reinier Pacific has addressed the matter with Crew Training.  A great emphasis has been placed by the Company in its In-House-Training and further supported by other Philippine Government Maritime Agencies facilities as upgrading of Seaman’s skills and knowledge.

Reinier Pacific International Shipping, Inc. can provide its operation with highly trained and efficient crew at all levels – Crew Members to Masters – for any type of vessel, at rates within principal’s budget.

Reinier Pacific understands principal’s special requirements.  Former seagoing Masters and Engineers manage the company with extensive technical expertise and experience.  Each of them has in his own way contributed to the development of the Filipino seaman.


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